Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Susan Lyle Studios - Freshman year

This photograph has gotten me quite a lot of positive attention. This photo was taken in the spring of my freshman year of high school. In the duration from then until fall of my sophomore year, I had been working my butt off in classes, despite early senoritis at the end of the school year. Come winter 2012, however, I was forced to make a decision. I was given the opportunity to travel to Denmark for three weeks over winter break. It sounded magical, it was the best news I'd heard in a long time. I was beginning to grow tired of the same old routine everyday since August. This trip was just the mental escape I needed from my life. Sounds perfect, right? No. There was a dilemma. First, my winter break was only two weeks long. That means I would miss one whole week of school. Still, I could makeup the work after break, after all, this was a family trip. However, the one week I would be missing coincidentally happened to be the exact week of my first semester mid-terms. I would be missing a whole week of final exam testing. But wait, it gets worse. As if this incredible trip was not enough torture to force me to make a choice, exactly two days after I was scheduled to board the plane was Susan Lyle Studio's annual winter performance. I was really stuck. At times, I thought there's no way I can miss an opportunity to see Europe in the winter. I had never even seen snow! And at other times the importance of school and my obligations to my dance studio came rushing back into my thoughts, and I thought this was ridiculous, there is now way I can miss one week of school, let alone all 7 of my final exams. A decision of these epic proportions called for a list. It was time to bring out the pros and cons:

Traveling to Denmark
• see snow for the first time
• see my grandmother for the first time in two years
• see my two new baby cousins for the first time
• experience two totally epic holidays - European style. (Christmas and New Years)
• see my two uncles again
• spend time with my sister, brother and mother
• no more hot Florida winter
• learn a new language

And, the cons:
• miss 4 academic mid-term final exams
• have take time out of my schedule to take them when I come back
• study over winter break
• over 10 absences on my record from one week of no school
• miss out on the winter show at my studio
• risk disappointing my dance teachers from choosing Europe over dance
• while everyone else is being active and racking up performance points, I am sitting on a plane eating chocolate (with hazelnuts of course)
• a three whole weeks without my best friends

After much contemplation, and talking with my dance and academic teachers, I made my decision. I chose Denmark. I felt that the trip was to valuable to pass up, and I am glad I did. It was honestly the best time of my life. However, once I got back to the states, I was forced to pick up the pieces I had left for myself to collect. Getting back into physical exercise was hard. And to be completely honest. I loved the break. I think I would drive myself mad if I danced as religiously as people that strive to be professionals. I don't think I will make a career out of dance, but I know deep inside I love ballet. Whenever I dread going to dance class after school, which unfortunately happens more often than not, I look back to this picture. It reminds me of a simpler time. A time where my biggest worry was whether or not my foot was pointed. Now rigorous classes at school seem to be taking over my life as well as my love of dance. However, this picture in particular brings me back to that happy place. I can use dance as a mental escape from school and homework and tests. I love dancing, I truly do. And I have this everlasting photo to remind me.

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