Thursday, April 11, 2013

"Prophase" Susan Lyle Studio's Variety Show Freshman year

The word "prophase" comes from Ancient Greek. This stage of mitosis occurs when the chromatin condenses into double rod-shaped structures called chromosomes, in which the chromatin becomes visible. The condensing and transformation of the chromatin parallel the aesthetic movement of the body of dancers when performing this piece.

We used completely colorless stools to appear invisible to the audience. The use of props has been incessantly common in dance pieces, however I feel that they can make all the difference in terms of whether or not the theme of the piece makes its way to the audience. During the performance, dancer and prop fuse; the crystal clear stool takes on its own soul as a performer in the show. We created surreal illusions of us floating on stage with our concealed and covert chairs.
This ethereal art form has evolved into a work of art.

Whether one is telling a story or enacting an occurrence in nature, dancing is truly an extraordinary way to capture an audience with movement.

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